Baptisms & Confirmation



Baptisms are conducted during the Sunday worship service.

As is the practice within the United Church, babies and children may be baptized as well as adults at Barton Stone-Mount Hope United Church. We would welcome an opportunity to speak with a parent/parents about having a child baptized.


Baptism is a sacred act, which we take seriously at Barton Stone-Mount Hope United. Parents are asked to make a profession of faith. Don’t panic! We do not expect anyone to have a “perfect” faith. What we ask is that you are on the path of trying to grow in faith. Parents are also asked to promise to raise their child within a Christian home and within a Christian church. That means being a part of a congregation and bringing their child to Sunday worship.

Because of our understanding of baptism, we suggest that anyone interest in having a baby or child baptized attend worship at Barton Stone-Mount Hope for a few Sundays so they can decide if this is the congregation where you would like your child baptized. The next step is to speak with our Minister, after worship some Sunday. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the Sacrament of baptism in an hour and half educational program about baptism. After this time, a date may be set for the baptism.


Confirmation is an important act within a person’s life-long journey of faith.

It is a time when a person decides for him/herself to be a part of the Christian Church. It includes a profession of faith and a commitment to share in the life and work of the church. It is also a time when the congregation prays for the person to be blessed by the Holy Spirit.

The “right time” for confirmation varies from person to person.

Teen and adult confirmation discussions will be provided upon request.

Baptism and confirmation are combined for any teen or adult wishing to be confirmed who has not been baptized as a child.

If you are interested in confirmation contact the Church Office at 905-385-0800.